How many of you have ever promised something? Don’t worry I know the answer, we all have. Now my question is how many of us have actually kept that promise?

Two days ago someone very special promised me something. When He told me he was willing to promise if that was going to make me feel better I said yes. The point is that he promised and I believed. “Believing” is the issue. If someone promises something to you its because they are capable of accomplishing their task. In theory that is what you would think but most of the time that isn’t the case. In our society values and principles are lost and people find pleasure in making others suffer. They promise without caring. They act without  feeling. They pretend to love when they don’t and they pretend to give without giving. When a person becomes so shallow to not care, they aren’t worth of trust.

Promising is not about finding yourself in a tough situation and having to do something in order to be left alone. Promising is not about playing with someone feelings because you believe they are too naive to notice. Promising is about being loyal enough to  do whatever it is that your friend, boy/girl friend or family wants you to do. At last I can only say that….We have to be wise enough to analyze that if we aren’t capable of fulfilling our duty we should keep our mouths shut!




Family can be defined in many different ways. For example for someone family means acceptance, for others family means quality time and so on. I would like to give u my own definition of family that’s not so different from others. Family for me is love….true and unconditional love. Its not only emotional love but caring and giving love, and it is selfless and worthy. Family is having the privilege of having someone to look up to, or having someone to set an example for. God never asked who you wanted your family to be but I can assure you He took time and dedication to form it the way it is now. Having a family means movie time, a kiss goodnight, partners who cover up for you, a wise adviser  the one who always ruins the pictures, the one who never wants a picture, and finally having a family means HAVING a place where you truly and perfectly BELONG!

If you knew my family you wouldn’t believe we are related, because we are different in so many ways that we seem to completely opposite. If this happens in your family let me  congratulate you because family is about diversity and originality. Why would you want a house full of people who think always the same? who talk about the same topics all the time? who eat the same food? who like the same things as you? In my opinion it wouldn’t make sense. I can only say that if you who are reading this post have the enormous blessing of sharing a family. you should be grateful. Your family are the only who wont leave you alone, who will share with you every experience worth of company. SO whenever you feel like being an orphan think of any other place where you could be more accepted than in you home and I can bet you wouldn’t find other!Image


It is ridiculous how we are so used to lying. In some people more than others it turns out to be so natural that they don’t mind it anymore. They lie even when its unnecessary and they don’t even notice anymore. I believe that a lie can cause a looot of damage. Usually when you tell a lie this leads to another and other and a cycle begins. There is always a point where the truth comes out and all your lies are revealed. The worst part is that lying has the power to destroy everybody around it. As humans we think that lying saves us from pain, troubles and responsibilities but at then end everything turns back at us and the results are always really bad. I believe that lying has to do a lot with trust and if you trust  someone you have to be wise enough to not lie to them because relationships are build based on trust and lies are the perfect way to destroy them. I can conclude that lying is not worth it! No one deserves to be fooled just like you don’t deserve it either, but life LOVES karma and everything you do comes back. God hates lies, because he cant be tricked. He knows what you’ll do even before YOU know it. This makes it impossible for you to fool him and He hates when we a simple humans think that we are allowed to do so. At the end I can only say that if you find yourself in a situation and you cant avoid lying, think of those around you who are trusting that you are trying to be the best for them. Lying wont take us anywhere and when the truth crashes it comes out as a stabbing pain for those who where being cheated.


ArE YoU sOmEoNe To TrUsT…?!

I believe that every relationship is based on trust. You cant be completely honest with a person if you don’t trust them, because there will always be doubt and second thoughts that will make you abstain from giving yourself completely. I also believe that trust shouldn’t be affected by things like distance, rumors or insecurities. As humans it is hard for us to trust in someone, because we want everything to be like we want it to be and life is not like that. You’ll never find someone who is perfect because he/she doesn’t exist. I think that a trustworthy person should have this characteristics:

*Always try to be a good listener. When you are able to listen you can fully appreciate the situation a person is in.

*Keep it to yourself. Whenever someone tells you something is because they only wanted YOU to know it.

*Be supportive. If you find yourself in any kind of relationship, try to give a 100% for it work because if there is a moment in the way when you fall you wont have any regrets.

*Don´t expect anything. If you give something, do it because you want to not because you want something back.

*Tell the truth. IF a person is completely honest with you try to be the same for them.

*Love. If you love someone you’ll be willing to accept them for who they are.

*Keep calm. Being a paranoid wont help, stop looking for things that aren’t there.

*Be careful. With the sources of information you have. There is people who enjoy watching others suffer.

At then end i can only say that life is tough and things aren’t always going to be how you want them to be. Life is meant to be enjoyed, you just have to try your best.



Today while we where having breakfast with my family, my mom said something that made think about my life. She said “I wouldn’t be able to let you live by yourself, not while you still don’t have enough self-control and own convictions”. If you read it and you thought it was a little harsh imagine me in that moment. I felt immature and childish. At first I stayed silent but later I asked her if it was a trust issue or something like that and she said no. Later today I asked her again and she said that she wasn’t afraid of me doing something reckless but of those around me. I asked her “who around me” and she said that she haven’t met them yet but that the time will come were I will have to choose my friends. I told her that I wasn’t planning on going all wild with my life but somehow she only stood there silent.

How many times have you felt that your parents don’t trust you? That they can’t really understand you?? Or that they are experts judging your friends or those around you??

I have felt this way but I know why they do it. They do it because they are afraid that we don’t have clear enough convictions. Wait a minute! What are convictions?? In my opinion convictions are all those things you choose to believe and build a life style around. Conviction is being sure that no matter what situation you find yourself in you’ll always stick to what you think is correct.

Self control and convictions tend to be related, because most of the time for you to defend your convictions you have to abstain from things you want to do that aren’t correct….and this my fellows is self-control. Personally now and then I tend to put my convictions aside which always results in a mess. God mentions self-control in his word and He says that it is really hard for you to stick and live your life based on the truth but that if you want it bad enough at least you’ll try to do it. Living your life how God wants you to live it’s worth it, not only because you’ll never have to be alone but also because you have something to fight for. You have a purpose and a mission to accomplish. Self-control it’s not easy to practice but once you try hard enough the satisfaction you’ll get is priceless.


The reason I’m talking about this topic is actually really childish. I was watching a movie today and I noticed that we always make distinctions between people. The movie goes something like this; there’s the boy and the girl who are the main characters. They have the typical love story where the mom opposes to their romance and discriminates the guy. She does this because he is sort of the “bad guy/gangster” type and of course she doesn’t want that for her daughter. As the movie progresses the mom does everything to split the couple. She tries talking with her daughter making her see all the bad things about her boyfriend. At the end of the movie the couple has a fight and they break up and the mom looks for this other guy who wants to date her daughter. This guy is the “prince charming” type, rich, popular, handsome, polite, etc. So they start dating and the girl still has mixed up feelings but she decides that her mom knows best.

Discrimination is ALL over this movie. What angered me the most was that the mom wanted a fake and plastic relationship for her daughter. Our society nowadays is so squared up, you don’t have any chance of being truly yourself. We are blinded by things like colours  social position, material stuff and life styles. You have to be a certain way to be accepted. This in my opinion doesn’t really make sense because God wasn’t thinking that way when he created us. He made each and every one of his creatures unique and special. This is why prototypes are so stupid, you shouldn’t have to change who you are to belong in a certain group. Diversity is good and you should accept every one for who they are because you have no right to judge Gods creation.

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ArE u hApPy…?!

Today someone asked me if I was truly happy…. and my immediate response was “yes”. This person asked again and I thought “how annoying” but once again I said yes. After that she asked “what do you base your happiness in?”, and my answer was, family, friends, love, books, and all that kind of stuff. She was silent for a while and then she told me something really shocking, she said “Then you are not truly happy!” and I asked why and she told me that for a person to be completely happy….their happiness had to be based on God. As I christian I felt sooo bad because she wasn’t lying and I didn’t even think of that aspect of happiness. “God is happiness”, she said and I told her that she had touched me with that. When I got home I wasn’t sure whether to write or not about this topic because if I didn’t know myself what happiness really is how was I going to teach you about it. What I did instead was that I opened my Facebook account and I asked my favourite person in the whole world “Do I make you happy?” and he said “You do make me happy Laura but you could make me more”. When he said that I pictured God telling me the exact same words because there are so many things that we could do better but we only do what seems enough. God gives us so many blessings for us to enjoy when we don’t even give him 5% back. The problem is that we base our happiness on things that are ephemeral.It is so hard for us to have faith that we trust only on things that we are able to see but, REAL happiness goes beyond all that. Happiness comes from love, faith, peace, and all this things come from God. I took the boldness of making a little happiness formula and it goes something like this…

(Blessings + Love + Peace)Happiness = God  

I did this equation because our X Factor is God and he will always be the key and the path to real happiness. When I finished talking to this person she told me something else that is also really true. She said that happiness with God does not equals life without problems but problems with a way out. I forced my memory to store this phrase because I wanted to share it with you all and I know that for some of you it means something. 

I want to finish with this…. God didn’t promise an easy life but He did say that life with him was so much better than going around the world being lost.



There has been this idea rambling in my mind, whether or not should I talk about this topic. Today something happened that made me take the final decision and it was something really good. As humans I believe that we have all been selfish in a certain point and as I was thinking about this I tried to remember times when I have had this attitude. I couldn’t bring myself to accept any of those situations when I had been selfish because every time I tried to find a fair excuse for my actions I noticed that none of them were valid. Its incredible what we are capable of doing and by this I don’t mean bad stuff which we also do but God has given us the ability to do great things, things for others. In my case being good to others or doing things for them gives me such a great feeling that can’t be compared to many things. It’s because of that I feeling that I can´t bring myself to understand why we take such a great pleasure in doing bad things or taking things away from other people but somehow I manage to do it just fine. Selfishness can be shown through many things and most of the time it is caused by the fear of loosing something or someone. Something I can be sure of is that selfishness brings nothing good because if you put yourself always in the first place in the end you wont have anybody to share what you gained with. I know that having everything to yourself feels really good but what about the other important things in life? Things like friendship and solidarity or compassion and happiness. Something that helps me be a little less selfish is establishing priorities. I always questioned myself how would I like people treating me and that helps me be a little less mean to those around me (sometimes it doesn’t work so good XD). In the end I can assure you that if we don’t try to selfless and caring our life will be a waste.

I want to finish with a quote that I like a lot…

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PhYsIcAl ApPeArAnCe…!

wordpress 11Hey Everyone…!!

Our next topic is Physical Appearance. I decided to talk about it because it is something that’s affecting lots of people. A famous word that’s going around in our world now that describes this topic really good is “Bullying”. Before going into detail I wish to say something to all of you who are reading this post….Stop wanting to be what other people wants you to be!!  I have learn something by experience and it is that God makes no mistakes and he creates everything perfect. Now every time you look yourself in the mirror know that you are a unique creation of the God who created everything. The God who took time to create you how you are…just you and no one else is like you!! It looks like bullying is our new hobby…people in this world live so self conscious about their bodies that they are willing to do anything they can to be what the stereotype in society says. We have forgotten what is truly important, things like feelings and emotions don’t matter any more as long as you “fit in.” I have been thinking about this and I came to realize that as a christian my job is to help people who are having a tough time accepting themselves (I am also helping myself XD).

Typical Situation…Imagine yourself walking in to your first day of school. You have been working your butt off the whole summer to achieve the body you have. As you walk to your sit your mind is going crazy with comments that you imagine your friends will say, you feel happy and proud of yourself. You remember all those times when you were exercising and you wanted to quit. All those times when you stopped yourself from eating something you wanted and you remembered  what your goal was. Your turn around to face them and walk up to them and greet them. What would happen if as you walk to your girl classmates you “accidentally” listen something like…”She got fat over the summer right?” or “Ugh poor thing she looks soo ugly”. How would that make you feel? Sad? Angry? Disappointed? or Would you simply dismiss it?

Here are some tips that will help you believe and accept yourself:

*People are never going to be pleased with you, change only if you want to change and when you do, do it for you not to please any one else.

* If every time you look yourself in the mirror you always see your imperfections, try to do the opposite! Stand in front of the mirror and say all the things you like about yourself, not only physical but also internal.

*Know that there is no one like you and use this the best way you can!

*The best source of wisdom is God, every time you feel lost pray for his guidance and providence.

*At last…remember what I said before? Stop wanting to be what other people want you to be!!

PS: Always remember to be careful with what you say and do, because you don’t know who you may be hurting…



As you can see our topic for today is loneliness. I decided to talk about this because every single one of us has felt this way in a certain point in our lives. Loneliness is that feeling you get when even if you are surrounded by a ton of people you still feel empty inside. You feel left out and ignored even if those people treat you like anybody else. Loneliness can be really dangerous because as humans we cant be alone and that is why most of us try to fill that empty space with stuff that arent good for us. Some people find refugee in drugs, alcohol, work, technology, food, and many other things that may stop what they are feeling. Thanks to scientific studies we can see that loneliness can be caused by many things like:

*Being single…not having someone to share your life with.

*Divorce…Knowing that the person who spent most of your life with you is gone.

*Death…Losing someone you loved.

*Moving from your hometown…Knowing that you have to leave everything behind.

With this being said i can only think how perfect God made us all. He knew that as humans we needed of all this things but He also knew that we were going to need strength because life its not perfect and not everything is going to be how we want it to be. He knows that we are capable of coming through every problem we may affront. If any of you is going through  one of this situations I can guarantee you that God is in control of everything and that no matter how much it hurts right now He has a purpose for everything that happens. You don’t have to feel lonely any more  You just need to be humble enough and ask God to fill your life with his love and mercy.

God is telling you this: XD