How many of you have ever promised something? Don’t worry I know the answer, we all have. Now my question is how many of us have actually kept that promise?

Two days ago someone very special promised me something. When He told me he was willing to promise if that was going to make me feel better I said yes. The point is that he promised and I believed. “Believing” is the issue. If someone promises something to you its because they are capable of accomplishing their task. In theory that is what you would think but most of the time that isn’t the case. In our society values and principles are lost and people find pleasure in making others suffer. They promise without caring. They act without  feeling. They pretend to love when they don’t and they pretend to give without giving. When a person becomes so shallow to not care, they aren’t worth of trust.

Promising is not about finding yourself in a tough situation and having to do something in order to be left alone. Promising is not about playing with someone feelings because you believe they are too naive to notice. Promising is about being loyal enough to  do whatever it is that your friend, boy/girl friend or family wants you to do. At last I can only say that….We have to be wise enough to analyze that if we aren’t capable of fulfilling our duty we should keep our mouths shut!



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