How many of you have ever promised something? Don’t worry I know the answer, we all have. Now my question is how many of us have actually kept that promise?

Two days ago someone very special promised me something. When He told me he was willing to promise if that was going to make me feel better I said yes. The point is that he promised and I believed. “Believing” is the issue. If someone promises something to you its because they are capable of accomplishing their task. In theory that is what you would think but most of the time that isn’t the case. In our society values and principles are lost and people find pleasure in making others suffer. They promise without caring. They act without  feeling. They pretend to love when they don’t and they pretend to give without giving. When a person becomes so shallow to not care, they aren’t worth of trust.

Promising is not about finding yourself in a tough situation and having to do something in order to be left alone. Promising is not about playing with someone feelings because you believe they are too naive to notice. Promising is about being loyal enough to  do whatever it is that your friend, boy/girl friend or family wants you to do. At last I can only say that….We have to be wise enough to analyze that if we aren’t capable of fulfilling our duty we should keep our mouths shut!




Family can be defined in many different ways. For example for someone family means acceptance, for others family means quality time and so on. I would like to give u my own definition of family that’s not so different from others. Family for me is love….true and unconditional love. Its not only emotional love but caring and giving love, and it is selfless and worthy. Family is having the privilege of having someone to look up to, or having someone to set an example for. God never asked who you wanted your family to be but I can assure you He took time and dedication to form it the way it is now. Having a family means movie time, a kiss goodnight, partners who cover up for you, a wise adviser  the one who always ruins the pictures, the one who never wants a picture, and finally having a family means HAVING a place where you truly and perfectly BELONG!

If you knew my family you wouldn’t believe we are related, because we are different in so many ways that we seem to completely opposite. If this happens in your family let me  congratulate you because family is about diversity and originality. Why would you want a house full of people who think always the same? who talk about the same topics all the time? who eat the same food? who like the same things as you? In my opinion it wouldn’t make sense. I can only say that if you who are reading this post have the enormous blessing of sharing a family. you should be grateful. Your family are the only who wont leave you alone, who will share with you every experience worth of company. SO whenever you feel like being an orphan think of any other place where you could be more accepted than in you home and I can bet you wouldn’t find other!Image


It is ridiculous how we are so used to lying. In some people more than others it turns out to be so natural that they don’t mind it anymore. They lie even when its unnecessary and they don’t even notice anymore. I believe that a lie can cause a looot of damage. Usually when you tell a lie this leads to another and other and a cycle begins. There is always a point where the truth comes out and all your lies are revealed. The worst part is that lying has the power to destroy everybody around it. As humans we think that lying saves us from pain, troubles and responsibilities but at then end everything turns back at us and the results are always really bad. I believe that lying has to do a lot with trust and if you trust  someone you have to be wise enough to not lie to them because relationships are build based on trust and lies are the perfect way to destroy them. I can conclude that lying is not worth it! No one deserves to be fooled just like you don’t deserve it either, but life LOVES karma and everything you do comes back. God hates lies, because he cant be tricked. He knows what you’ll do even before YOU know it. This makes it impossible for you to fool him and He hates when we a simple humans think that we are allowed to do so. At the end I can only say that if you find yourself in a situation and you cant avoid lying, think of those around you who are trusting that you are trying to be the best for them. Lying wont take us anywhere and when the truth crashes it comes out as a stabbing pain for those who where being cheated.