ArE YoU sOmEoNe To TrUsT…?!

I believe that every relationship is based on trust. You cant be completely honest with a person if you don’t trust them, because there will always be doubt and second thoughts that will make you abstain from giving yourself completely. I also believe that trust shouldn’t be affected by things like distance, rumors or insecurities. As humans it is hard for us to trust in someone, because we want everything to be like we want it to be and life is not like that. You’ll never find someone who is perfect because he/she doesn’t exist. I think that a trustworthy person should have this characteristics:

*Always try to be a good listener. When you are able to listen you can fully appreciate the situation a person is in.

*Keep it to yourself. Whenever someone tells you something is because they only wanted YOU to know it.

*Be supportive. If you find yourself in any kind of relationship, try to give a 100% for it work because if there is a moment in the way when you fall you wont have any regrets.

*Don´t expect anything. If you give something, do it because you want to not because you want something back.

*Tell the truth. IF a person is completely honest with you try to be the same for them.

*Love. If you love someone you’ll be willing to accept them for who they are.

*Keep calm. Being a paranoid wont help, stop looking for things that aren’t there.

*Be careful. With the sources of information you have. There is people who enjoy watching others suffer.

At then end i can only say that life is tough and things aren’t always going to be how you want them to be. Life is meant to be enjoyed, you just have to try your best.



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