Today while we where having breakfast with my family, my mom said something that made think about my life. She said “I wouldn’t be able to let you live by yourself, not while you still don’t have enough self-control and own convictions”. If you read it and you thought it was a little harsh imagine me in that moment. I felt immature and childish. At first I stayed silent but later I asked her if it was a trust issue or something like that and she said no. Later today I asked her again and she said that she wasn’t afraid of me doing something reckless but of those around me. I asked her “who around me” and she said that she haven’t met them yet but that the time will come were I will have to choose my friends. I told her that I wasn’t planning on going all wild with my life but somehow she only stood there silent.

How many times have you felt that your parents don’t trust you? That they can’t really understand you?? Or that they are experts judging your friends or those around you??

I have felt this way but I know why they do it. They do it because they are afraid that we don’t have clear enough convictions. Wait a minute! What are convictions?? In my opinion convictions are all those things you choose to believe and build a life style around. Conviction is being sure that no matter what situation you find yourself in you’ll always stick to what you think is correct.

Self control and convictions tend to be related, because most of the time for you to defend your convictions you have to abstain from things you want to do that aren’t correct….and this my fellows is self-control. Personally now and then I tend to put my convictions aside which always results in a mess. God mentions self-control in his word and He says that it is really hard for you to stick and live your life based on the truth but that if you want it bad enough at least you’ll try to do it. Living your life how God wants you to live it’s worth it, not only because you’ll never have to be alone but also because you have something to fight for. You have a purpose and a mission to accomplish. Self-control it’s not easy to practice but once you try hard enough the satisfaction you’ll get is priceless.



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