The reason I’m talking about this topic is actually really childish. I was watching a movie today and I noticed that we always make distinctions between people. The movie goes something like this; there’s the boy and the girl who are the main characters. They have the typical love story where the mom opposes to their romance and discriminates the guy. She does this because he is sort of the “bad guy/gangster” type and of course she doesn’t want that for her daughter. As the movie progresses the mom does everything to split the couple. She tries talking with her daughter making her see all the bad things about her boyfriend. At the end of the movie the couple has a fight and they break up and the mom looks for this other guy who wants to date her daughter. This guy is the “prince charming” type, rich, popular, handsome, polite, etc. So they start dating and the girl still has mixed up feelings but she decides that her mom knows best.

Discrimination is ALL over this movie. What angered me the most was that the mom wanted a fake and plastic relationship for her daughter. Our society nowadays is so squared up, you don’t have any chance of being truly yourself. We are blinded by things like colours  social position, material stuff and life styles. You have to be a certain way to be accepted. This in my opinion doesn’t really make sense because God wasn’t thinking that way when he created us. He made each and every one of his creatures unique and special. This is why prototypes are so stupid, you shouldn’t have to change who you are to belong in a certain group. Diversity is good and you should accept every one for who they are because you have no right to judge Gods creation.

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