ArE u hApPy…?!

Today someone asked me if I was truly happy…. and my immediate response was “yes”. This person asked again and I thought “how annoying” but once again I said yes. After that she asked “what do you base your happiness in?”, and my answer was, family, friends, love, books, and all that kind of stuff. She was silent for a while and then she told me something really shocking, she said “Then you are not truly happy!” and I asked why and she told me that for a person to be completely happy….their happiness had to be based on God. As I christian I felt sooo bad because she wasn’t lying and I didn’t even think of that aspect of happiness. “God is happiness”, she said and I told her that she had touched me with that. When I got home I wasn’t sure whether to write or not about this topic because if I didn’t know myself what happiness really is how was I going to teach you about it. What I did instead was that I opened my Facebook account and I asked my favourite person in the whole world “Do I make you happy?” and he said “You do make me happy Laura but you could make me more”. When he said that I pictured God telling me the exact same words because there are so many things that we could do better but we only do what seems enough. God gives us so many blessings for us to enjoy when we don’t even give him 5% back. The problem is that we base our happiness on things that are ephemeral.It is so hard for us to have faith that we trust only on things that we are able to see but, REAL happiness goes beyond all that. Happiness comes from love, faith, peace, and all this things come from God. I took the boldness of making a little happiness formula and it goes something like this…

(Blessings + Love + Peace)Happiness = God  

I did this equation because our X Factor is God and he will always be the key and the path to real happiness. When I finished talking to this person she told me something else that is also really true. She said that happiness with God does not equals life without problems but problems with a way out. I forced my memory to store this phrase because I wanted to share it with you all and I know that for some of you it means something. 

I want to finish with this…. God didn’t promise an easy life but He did say that life with him was so much better than going around the world being lost.



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