There has been this idea rambling in my mind, whether or not should I talk about this topic. Today something happened that made me take the final decision and it was something really good. As humans I believe that we have all been selfish in a certain point and as I was thinking about this I tried to remember times when I have had this attitude. I couldn’t bring myself to accept any of those situations when I had been selfish because every time I tried to find a fair excuse for my actions I noticed that none of them were valid. Its incredible what we are capable of doing and by this I don’t mean bad stuff which we also do but God has given us the ability to do great things, things for others. In my case being good to others or doing things for them gives me such a great feeling that can’t be compared to many things. It’s because of that I feeling that I can´t bring myself to understand why we take such a great pleasure in doing bad things or taking things away from other people but somehow I manage to do it just fine. Selfishness can be shown through many things and most of the time it is caused by the fear of loosing something or someone. Something I can be sure of is that selfishness brings nothing good because if you put yourself always in the first place in the end you wont have anybody to share what you gained with. I know that having everything to yourself feels really good but what about the other important things in life? Things like friendship and solidarity or compassion and happiness. Something that helps me be a little less selfish is establishing priorities. I always questioned myself how would I like people treating me and that helps me be a little less mean to those around me (sometimes it doesn’t work so good XD). In the end I can assure you that if we don’t try to selfless and caring our life will be a waste.

I want to finish with a quote that I like a lot…

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