PhYsIcAl ApPeArAnCe…!

wordpress 11Hey Everyone…!!

Our next topic is Physical Appearance. I decided to talk about it because it is something that’s affecting lots of people. A famous word that’s going around in our world now that describes this topic really good is “Bullying”. Before going into detail I wish to say something to all of you who are reading this post….Stop wanting to be what other people wants you to be!!  I have learn something by experience and it is that God makes no mistakes and he creates everything perfect. Now every time you look yourself in the mirror know that you are a unique creation of the God who created everything. The God who took time to create you how you are…just you and no one else is like you!! It looks like bullying is our new hobby…people in this world live so self conscious about their bodies that they are willing to do anything they can to be what the stereotype in society says. We have forgotten what is truly important, things like feelings and emotions don’t matter any more as long as you “fit in.” I have been thinking about this and I came to realize that as a christian my job is to help people who are having a tough time accepting themselves (I am also helping myself XD).

Typical Situation…Imagine yourself walking in to your first day of school. You have been working your butt off the whole summer to achieve the body you have. As you walk to your sit your mind is going crazy with comments that you imagine your friends will say, you feel happy and proud of yourself. You remember all those times when you were exercising and you wanted to quit. All those times when you stopped yourself from eating something you wanted and you remembered  what your goal was. Your turn around to face them and walk up to them and greet them. What would happen if as you walk to your girl classmates you “accidentally” listen something like…”She got fat over the summer right?” or “Ugh poor thing she looks soo ugly”. How would that make you feel? Sad? Angry? Disappointed? or Would you simply dismiss it?

Here are some tips that will help you believe and accept yourself:

*People are never going to be pleased with you, change only if you want to change and when you do, do it for you not to please any one else.

* If every time you look yourself in the mirror you always see your imperfections, try to do the opposite! Stand in front of the mirror and say all the things you like about yourself, not only physical but also internal.

*Know that there is no one like you and use this the best way you can!

*The best source of wisdom is God, every time you feel lost pray for his guidance and providence.

*At last…remember what I said before? Stop wanting to be what other people want you to be!!

PS: Always remember to be careful with what you say and do, because you don’t know who you may be hurting…


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