As you can see our topic for today is loneliness. I decided to talk about this because every single one of us has felt this way in a certain point in our lives. Loneliness is that feeling you get when even if you are surrounded by a ton of people you still feel empty inside. You feel left out and ignored even if those people treat you like anybody else. Loneliness can be really dangerous because as humans we cant be alone and that is why most of us try to fill that empty space with stuff that arent good for us. Some people find refugee in drugs, alcohol, work, technology, food, and many other things that may stop what they are feeling. Thanks to scientific studies we can see that loneliness can be caused by many things like:

*Being single…not having someone to share your life with.

*Divorce…Knowing that the person who spent most of your life with you is gone.

*Death…Losing someone you loved.

*Moving from your hometown…Knowing that you have to leave everything behind.

With this being said i can only think how perfect God made us all. He knew that as humans we needed of all this things but He also knew that we were going to need strength because life its not perfect and not everything is going to be how we want it to be. He knows that we are capable of coming through every problem we may affront. If any of you is going through  one of this situations I can guarantee you that God is in control of everything and that no matter how much it hurts right now He has a purpose for everything that happens. You don’t have to feel lonely any more  You just need to be humble enough and ask God to fill your life with his love and mercy.

God is telling you this: XD



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